Technology has revolutionized the shipping industry several times in the last decades. Now it's time to change the most important part of the process:
pick-up and delivery.

Drone Logistics

What makes Skycart an effective and inexpensive means of shipping is the logistic simplicity. There is no need for heavy trucks, drivers to man them, toll and over the road fares, annual DOT taxes, large amounts of fuel, tires and chains, etc.

While our initial costs were substantial, our operating costs are bare minimum. Those savings are passed on to our customers. Our autonomous delivery service cuts down on delivery time dramatically. It is extremely-fast by any standards because freight moves as the crow flies rather than over long and winding roads. More importantly, Skycart is operational 24/7/365 and is location independent.

Our Solution

  • Fast autonomous delivery

  • Convenient shipment handling

  • 24/7 operation on 365 days

  • Location-independent service

  • Reduced shipping costs

  • Eco-friendly technology

  • Sustainable materials

  • Less road traffic

  • Noise reduction in the environment

  • Independent service operation


Skycart helps companies reduce delivery costs, accelerate shipping times and increase customer satisfaction. Skycart's technology is designed to ship parcels, food, spare parts and many other products.

  • Retail

  • Suppliers

  • Firefighting

  • Time sensitive

  • Logistics

  • Food

  • Health

  • Critical Parts

Skycart Cirrus v3

Light payloads up to 5kg or 10lbs

Skycart Cirrus V3.png

Skycart Stratus v1

Light to heavy payloads up to 22kg or 50lbs

Skycart Stratus V1.png

Skycart Nimbus - Coming Soon for 2019!

Light to medium payload, Long range


Skycart Cumulus

Manage your drones, deliveries, scheduling and maintenance using Skycart Cumulus in the cloud.


Skycart Mobile software

Skycart’s user friendly Android software puts the power of Skycart Cumulus on the go.