Job Openings

DSP Software Engineer

Build UAV systems that change the world

Failure is not an option for fully-autonomous, safety-critical, multi-functional UAV flight systems, which is why we’re looking for excellent software engineers to develop asystem underlying Skycart's next-generation commercial drone platform.

Role / Job Description 

  •  Implements, debugs, and optimizes signal processing algorithms running on DSP and ARM processors 
  •  Contributes to advanced technical research on new technologies  
  •  Researches fundamental problems and implements algorithm solutions that are appropriate 
  •  Evaluates new technologies as they apply to existing functions 
  •  Evaluates various design tradeoffs including power consumption, cost, reliability and time to market 
  •  Provides reliable solutions to a wide range of difficult problems using sound problem solving techniques 
  •  Other responsibilities include facilitating knowledge transfer across the company and being a resource to other departments with tasks requiring digital signal processing

Required Skills 

  • Knowledge of basic DSP theory (IIR/FIR filtering, FFTs, adaptive LMS) 
  • At least 3 years of demonstrated experience in software development for a DSP chip (TI or ADI or Freescale) 
  • Demonstrated experience with the Subversion version control system 
  • Strong communication skills


Candidates must have authorization to work in the U.S.

This position is located at our HQ in San Jose, CA (Bay Area)