Partnership Between Eniverse Technologies and Skycart to Introduce Autonomous Drone Delivery Service Technology to the UAE

Dubai, UAE, July 25, 2017: In line with Emirate of Dubai’s efforts to become the world’s smartest city by the end of 2017, Eniverse Technologies – a Dubai based technology group - and Skycart – a San Francisco based drones company – have announced their new partnership to create ‘Space Autonomous Dronesin Dubai, a company that will introduce one of the world’s most advanced, sophisticated technologies to the skies above the UAE, which will lead to an outstanding transformation in the logistics and delivery industry.

While the traditional shipping and delivery service sector remains a growth industry, Space Autonomous Drones will disrupt the traditional behavior and start approaching companies that would be of interest in such service and start building strategic collaboration with them, such as: Souq, DHL, Amazon, UPS, Aramex and Alibaba group. The company will offer smart drones shipping solutions with cost savings and faster delivery times, maximizing profit margins and providing an overall better customer experience to clients.

Once officially launched, the new technology utilized by Space Autonomous Drones will enable a wide range of customers to ship goods and products weighing 5kg or less to locations across Dubai. During its soft launch phase, the company will be operating within specific areas, including: Emirates Hills, The Meadows, The Springs, The Greens, Jumeirah and Umm Suqaim.

“At Eniverse Technologies we are always on the look out for innovative and unique projects. We spotted the great potential of Autonomous Drones technologies, particularly in relation to the Middle East,” said Mohammed Johmani, CEO of Eniverse Technologies and Co-Founder of Space Autonomous Drones. “Working hand in hand with Skycart, we feel very optimistic about the company’s future, because we will provide unique services that will enhance the experience of all Dubai residents.”

The autonomous, self-flying drones operated by Space Autonomous Drones will be run on cutting-edge technology through a mobile application that enable businesses to manage and track their orders. The first of its kind technology in the world will adhere to the highest levels of operational quality and safety standards. Most importantly, it will drastically cut down delivery times - rather than following long and winding roads, the drones move freight as the crow flies, with operations taking place 24/7, 365 days of the year, with a self steering and controlling technology and without a need for any human intervention.

Skycart, a leading drones innovator based in California, USA, will be responsible for bringing its drone shipping services experience and technology to the UAE, while Eniverse Technologies will be facilitating the entry of this technology and drawing the operational structure of “Space Autonomous Drones” to make sure it meets all the requirements and expectations of the UAE Government and wider community.

“We look forward to starting our operations in Dubai, and the modernity and diversity of the city’s landscape is a great advantage for us. We will be utilizing our considerable experience in the drones industry to provide a one-of-a-kind service that suits this one-of-a-kind city,” said Lukas Wrede, Founder & CEO of Skycart.

Currently, Space Autonomous Drones is seeking legal approval from the Dubai Government, with an official launch date for the company forecast to take place between 2018 and 2019. With more companies and governmental entities such as RTA and DFA (Dubai Future Accelerator) conducting the latest technologies and best digital practices to provide the maximum quality of living for Dubai residents, such as the autonomous air taxi by RTA which has been tested in June 2017, and expected to start the trial operation in the fourth quarter of 2017, Space Autonomous Drones is confident that it will fulfill all the legal criteria and kick-start operations ahead of schedule.


About Space Autonomous Drones

Space is an Autonomous drone shipping service that has been created through a strategic partnership between Eniverse Technologies and Skycart, Taking from Dubai a hub for its operation. We deliver your packages in 30 minutes or less. We build a UAV network for seamless peer-to-peer delivery by air.


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About Eniverse Technologies

A Technology projects builder company that incept ideas to become successful business. We are a forward-thinking team and a thriving nexus of tech innovation. At Eniverse, we take innovative ideas and scale them into startup businesses that can reach global success; we focus on E-commerce and Mobile technologies.

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About Skycart

A San Francisco, USA based company and a developer of the world’s first fully automated drone delivery service, aiming to be the best shipping service in the world by delivering physical goods fast, reliable and affordable. Skycart helps companies to reduce delivery costs, accelerate shipping times and increase customer satisfaction.

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